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Connection to Ui24R "Not Secure". Can't connect with phone from any browser.

With the network security now being required (https://) the wireless connections to the mixer seems blocked. I've tried to access with both Edge and Chrome from a Galaxy S6. Edge gives me a screen half filled with colored squares. Chrome will show the "More Me" window but will not allow any connectivity to the unit. I've tried reloads, restarts but the "more me" is not active on the phone. Keeps telling me there is (no me channels) (no aux out) even though I have the orange indication that channel 1 is assigned to me and aux 1 is assigned to my out.. Only thing I'm suspecting is the security problem.

Any assistance greatly appreciated. Thanks


  • DB_CooperDB_Cooper Posts: 4

    I've gotten connection through with phone. Hooked up external router. Not sure if that was the fix or not but general consensus seem to be that is a better way to connect.

    Still having issues with the "More Me" It's not clear that it has to be set up on each individual device. I thought you could set it on one and it would carry through. Doesn't seem to. If that's the case I guess it's not a huge problem. Don't know if it is though.

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