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SoundCraft Si Expression console light blinking on me

I am using my Soundcraft Si expression-1 for the last 2 years the firmware is up-to-date also Visiremote app is sync, everything was working ok until this wearied faders and gain / eq nobs lights started blinking on me but still everything is working fine. No issue in sound output or faders working automatically it is just this lights blinking issue.

Anyone else having the same issue kindly help me on this.

What is the problem?


  • a correction its Si expression - 2 and i just updated the firmware to 1.8 build 12 but still problem remain the same the LED lights flashes (blinks) rest every function and audio is working

  • I have the same problem except for nothing is working only all the lights flashing.

  • benpepbenpep Posts: 1

    I have just had the same problem as drumdirector. Turn it on and lights flash and it makes a clicking sound. Nothing else happens. I have loved using the desk until now. I have a charity event happening soon and need the desk. Any suggestions please.

  • YarawaYarawa Posts: 2

    I am facing the same problem. Lights are blinking even after resetting.

  • Lights are blinking and it does not turn on. Did anybody got to make it work? Did you find a solution?
  • When my si expression 3 console is on all the output signal led lights up to peak, what is this problem and what is the solution?
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