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Hi there!
It's my first time working with AXR-RF.

I read in some threads that here are people who install RTI U1.
Please help.

This is what I do.

1. Take a new U1 , open Integration Designer v Make a new project with add U1.
Now I have system, that NOT send RF codes.
For make it work adding RP1 in system. Right click on button U1 and select Properties. Set Output Mode: Use device Default(RF Trigger Codes).
2. Open in a Library Browser AMX RF System Codes and assign some code on button.
3. Send project to U1.
4. Push buttons on U1, see flashing red light on AXR-RF, but nothing in Netlinx Notifications.
Both devices works on 433 MHz.

What I'm doing wrong?


  • ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    The AMX-RF is an Axlink device. It needs to be connect to the master. If you have done this, then check the device online tree to see that it is showing up and that its device ID is set correctly.

    You'll need to declare a device in the code for the unit.
    dv_AMX_IR_1  =  85:01:0

    Button pushes on the remote will correspond Button_Events on the device to whatever you're set them up to be.
  • I have define this:


    DO_PUSH (MODERO_A14,1400)

    With no result.

    Device presents in Device Tree
    See attachment.
    It should work? Shold I see channel events in NS Notification?
  • Is the AXR-RF found in the system (Studio online tree, terminal/telnet by SHOW DEVICE)?
    And from software: You have to program BUTTON_EVENT[] for this.
  • iainshawiainshaw Posts: 133
    What's the RP1 doing in the system

    There are a couple of ways of using RTIs with AMX.

    One is to effectively emulate an AMX R2 - this needs no other RTI hardware, you're talking directly to the AMX system via the AMX RF receiver. In this instance you'd use the AMX RF trigger codes

    The other is to use an RTI processor like the RP6 and to talk to that and then have it communicate with an AMX master - preferably over 232.

    It sounds like you've not got either of those setups in place. Take the RP1 out of the equation and see how you get on.
  • If I remove RP1 from project, red light on AXR-RF NOT flashing, and I got no RF output options in Integration Designer.

    As I said, AXB-RF presents in Online Tree. Should I see any responces in Netlinx diagnostics, when I push buttons on U1?
  • iainshawiainshaw Posts: 133
    RF Output

    You don't need the RF output in Integration Designer to make this work. Have you assigned any AMX code to the button events? It might look counter intuitive but if you're doing this the simple AMX RF system codes route then all you need to do is drag the codes onto a button - you don't need an RP1 in the system
  • Many thanks!

    iainshaw, I did what you say, and all works now.
  • iainshawiainshaw Posts: 133
    Good stuff

    Glad you got it sorted.
  • satzsatz Posts: 17
    I am attempting to use an RTI T1 but do not have the RTI Designer software. There aren't any RTI distributors in my area either so hopefully someone here can lend me a clue. The T1 that I have is from another install. I am trying to get it working with the AXR-RF. The master sees the AXR-RF as device 129 however I see no notifications (nor button_push events) in Netlinx Studio. Is there something I need to do to the remote so it knows to do RF vs IR? The AXR-RF radio data led flashes intermittently but it doesn't correspond to the remote's button presses.

    Any feedback appreciated.

  • flcusatflcusat Posts: 309
    You need RTI's Integration Designer software and asign the AMX codes to the T1.
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