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My XTI4000's fan runs fast (at its highest speed) all of the time......

(continued)....although the amp seems to work well.
I own four xti4000's in total and the other three have fans that vary speed. The unit in question's fan did "vary speed" when I first bought it...it just started running at full speed a couple of years ago.

The units that I have are first generation and all have had the ribbon cable / front panel upgrade.

Other than the fan noise, the unit seems to run well.... I use it in one of my long-throw outdoor racks thus the fan noise is not an issue..

Should I be concerned??

Please advise.

Mike M


  • JensenJensen Posts: 9

    I think you just need to stay alert and keep an eye on it, but as long as it is working well, you should be fine

  • KaseyKasey Posts: 3

    The operating mode on the xti fans are configurable. They can be on 'Auto' OR 'Manual'. Have you tried a factory reset?
    If the mode is auto and they are on full, and your other 3 amplifiers are not operating like this, I think you should be concerned, because something is definitely wrong.

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