Newbie here - Aux Pre/Post Question

I have a Signature 12 mtk that I use live. I want to add a floor monitor and will be sending the signal out the aux2 send. Being new to mixing boards in general, I do know the difference in pre and post fader but I still need a further understanding of something. I realize that if I send a post fader signal to my monitor that fader movements will affect what i hear in the monitor. I guess for THAT reason I should use a PRE fader signal. BUT, if I do that, I'm guessing I wont hear any of the effects processing. Is that a correct assumption? I like hearing reverb on my vocal on the main mix and it would be nice if I heard it on the monitor mix as well. If I send a POST signal, I'm thinking I will hear the reverb, even tho the signal, in general, would be subject to fader movement - which for just a simple acoustic gig, there isnt that much of. I guess I would control what gets sent via the channel's AUX2 control knob. Sorry - part of this is thinking out loud. Make sense? Can anyone help give me a little better understanding here? Thank you!!


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    You can go ahead and have it be pre fader. The effects don't come back to the channel pre or post. If you want effects in your monitor, go to the FX return channel, and add as much of the effect as you want to your aux 2 feed.
    Hopefully this makes sense.

  • Makes perfect sense. Thank you! More simple than I thought. Appreciate it greatly!

  • That didnt work. Sounds logical and looks like it ought to work but it doesnt. Neither the onboard effects nor the outboard effects (which I have routed to one of the unused channels) work. When I turn up the Aux 2 feed of either channel I just get an increase in like white noise but no effects are routed through. They obviously work for post going to the master/mains but not to the monitor. Any ideas?

  • thanx for sharing.........

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