Newbie here - Aux Pre/Post Question

I have a Signature 12 mtk that I use live. I want to add a floor monitor and will be sending the signal out the aux2 send. Being new to mixing boards in general, I do know the difference in pre and post fader but I still need a further understanding of something. I realize that if I send a post fader signal to my monitor that fader movements will affect what i hear in the monitor. I guess for THAT reason I should use a PRE fader signal. BUT, if I do that, I'm guessing I wont hear any of the effects processing. Is that a correct assumption? I like hearing reverb on my vocal on the main mix and it would be nice if I heard it on the monitor mix as well. If I send a POST signal, I'm thinking I will hear the reverb, even tho the signal, in general, would be subject to fader movement - which for just a simple acoustic gig, there isnt that much of. I guess I would control what gets sent via the channel's AUX2 control knob. Sorry - part of this is thinking out loud. Make sense? Can anyone help give me a little better understanding here? Thank you!!


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