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6 fully separated Aux Channels on UI16


Is it possible to get 6 fully separated Aux Channels with the UI16 using the 2 Headphone outs as Aux 5 and Aux 6 and send them individual mixes? My understanding is that this should indeed work, but so far i do only get the mixer settings from Aux 5 to Aux 6 as well. I have set the Headphones Out to Aux in the global settings page but I'm kind of lost...

Anyone got some information?



  • Arno,

    I use the aux5 and aux6 sometimes. The only thing to remember is that aux5 is on the left channel of the headphone output and aux6 on the right channel. You need a splitting cable to convert the stereo jack connection to 2 xlr or mono jack, just what you need. So both headphone connections have aux5 on left and aux6 on right.

    Good luck,

  • I just got off the phone with a Harman/Soundcraft tech who kept insisting that, with the Ui16, all that I have to do is plug a 1/4 in TRS to TRS cable into each of the headphone outputs and reconfigure the headphone out setting to AUX. This will give me AUX 5 and 6. When I explained that these are parallel wired outputs with the same signal out, he kept insisting that, no, the Ui16 will split these outputs int 5 and 6. He refused to believe that a splitter was needed. Thank you MartinBron for your post.

  • So to confirm, the Aux 5/6 outputs are unbalanced? Aux5 on the tip and Aux 6 on the ring?

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