UI24R reinitiating during presentation

I have a ui24r that during the presentation the screen turns black and restarts the console but the sound is not affected. What is the reason for this problem? Other users report the same problem. Who can help Thank you.


  • angotangot Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. I use a touchscreen connected via HDMI and sometimes it turns black and restarts - the sound is not affected. Could this be a hw problem and should I try and change the HDMI cable or is it a sw problem? Any suggestions. Thanks
  • I just bought my Ui24R and in the first day using in live show, I had the same problem that you guys said.
    I am using a Full HD monitor connected directly to the console HDMI out and some times, the "software" (I don't know if is realy the software) reboots. The sound is not affected, only the operator monitor.
    I thought that updating the firmware would fix the issue, but not!

  • yes I'm using a touch monitor I'm having the same problem is the solution? Also the PC features also found in the touch monitor does not come out missing comes eq comp gate and so on. Features Emergency software that does not appear on the same screen !!!

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