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UI12 constant connecting issues over WiFi

There seems to be a lot of talk about this on the net and for sure we have been having this issue.
We bought a new UI 12 about 3 weeks ago and have had constant issues with the page going to connecting. The device remains connected to the wifi of the UI 12, but the page simply cannot be accessed and the only remedy is to reboot the UI 12. At home this is annoying but okay, at a gig it is unworkable.
We have tried with multiple different devices, iPads, Macbooks, iphones. They all have exactly the same issue. The device is fine for a short while, then it goes to connecting and it is game over thanks for playing.
We bought this unit because of the built in wifi, if we can't use it then the unit is of little use to us.
We have patched the firmware to the latest version, so please tell us that you have a solution else we may need to just get a refund a choose something else.


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