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How to connect external effect to Soundcraft signature 12?

Can somebody help me please, i would like to connect external effect to Soundcraft signature 12 and cant do it , there is no send fx , Thank you,


  • ShrivyShrivy Posts: 1

    Me too. Love the mixer but on-board fx are not quite good enough quality. Tried using a Behringer FX2000 (which has fab clean reverb for semi-pro use) but couldn't. Understand about routing it back through a channel and using aux (rather than the 'missing' FX return), but couldn't get it to work. I'm sure it can be done - I just don't know how and can't find anything online. Most info using external fx assumes the mixer has seperate FX in/out.

  • HARMAN_TderHARMAN_Tder Posts: 184

    This is very simple to do. Use an Aux Send- Patch from either the Aux 1, 2, and/or if not using the internal FX-Aux3, into the external FX Unit. You would then patch the output or outputs of the FX unit back into one of the Signature's Stereo Returns using inputs 7/8 or 9/10. Make sure the Signature's Aux Send Master is turned up to around the 2 Oclock position-there is a hash mark you can use as a r eference. Then turn up the aux send from the channel or channels you want to have the effect on. You shoud see input indication on your external FX unit. Then in theory all you need to do is bring up the fader on the Stereo FX Return, make sure its assigned to the Master Fader and blend in how much of the FX you want to hear.

    Also see Page 14 from this link. Its our old Soundcraft Guide to Mixing which has long since been removed from our site but still available from other people posting it online.


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