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Signature 22MTK driver questions

As I commented on May 13, 2021, in another post thread (begun April 2020), the driver offered here
is the 2015 version V3.20, even though the page states that it was uploaded on March 25, 2019.

Since there's been no reply to that comment, I've spent more time searching for an answer.
Today I found this thread in which Harman suggested on May 6, 2021, using a Notepad 12FX drive as a solution to 22MTK issues.

Well, in the interim (yesterday), I came across this

I frankly don't recall what sequence of searching led me to it.
It was certainly not obvious or it would have been found way back when the 2015 driver first became suspect.

You might ask why I was still searching today when I found this link yesterday.
Well, I don't consider "Multi-channelUSBAudio_DriverSetup_v3.23.0" to be an explicit claim that this driver is for the 22MTK.
I was trying to verify that before going through the process.

Ironically, the download's page states that it was Last Updated: March 25, 2019.

Now, and more importantly, why would Harman recommend using a Notepad 12FX driver on May 6, 2021, if a working 22MTK driver v3.23.0 had been available since March 2019?

This forum is not the recommended avenue for answers to questions like this.
I have posted this because other users are likely looking for answers here, as I have done.
I'm going to ask Support directly and will follow up here with the results.

Hoping you have a frustration-free day,


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    HARMAN_TderHARMAN_Tder Posts: 184

    The Notepad software is recommened as an interim fix for users that are using Signature with Windows 10 Computers. The current release driver will not work correctly with Windows 10 though it is fine with Windows 7 and MacOS.

    An updated Driver set for Signature hasn't been released as we are waiting for official testing of it. So far the Notepad driver package seems to have worked without issue for all that have tried. it.

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    JMixSonJMixSon Posts: 6
    edited June 2021

    Thank you.
    It would be nice if registered users were automatically notified of driver updates as in the case of V3.23.0,
    And, as in this case, temporary fixes that have come to light for problems that registered users are likely experiencing.
    I should think that would be a sensible use of a database.
    A Newsletter approach wouldn't be appropriate for this service, however, since people aren't always interested in getting emails that have nothing to do with their setups.

    Best of luck to you and the test drivers.

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    RootsyRootsy Posts: 7

    I am sorry to hijack this thread but I think my problem may be relevant, (if not I will delete it).
    I am having problems with my Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK mixer.
    The driver which I downloaded from the Soundcraft site does not seem to work correctly with Windows 10.
    The choice of outputs does not show in the Windows 10 control panel and the default outputs are on 2 mono tracks, 1 and 2 with no option to select a stereo track.
    The driver works fine with Windows 7 where all the outputs are shown in the control panel.
    Has anyone else had this problem and can anyone suggest a solution eg. would the Notepad driver fix this issue?

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    JMixSonJMixSon Posts: 6
    edited June 2021

    Hi Rootsy,
    I installed the Notepad driver and it solved my particular problem - so far as I know at this point.
    I first uninstalled the old driver and associated files in a not particularly orderly way, so I won't advise on how to do that.

    After installing the Notepad driver, OBS Studio accepted signals from the mixer as it should.
    I'm still working out what might be wrong with my A/V file on playback. Maybe as simple as resetting my audio record levels in OBS. We'll see.

    I never had a problem with the availability of MTK outs to select as PC / application ins, so your situation might be different than mine.
    Mine was that OBS just couldn't configure the MTK out properly or even hear it.

    I'd say the Notepad driver is worth a try.
    I always set a restore point on the PC before installing or uninstalling anything, so I can (hopefully) go back to where I started if things don't work out.
    Click the magnifier in the lower left task bar, type restore, and Create a Restore Point should pop up for selecting.
    Good luck.

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    RootsyRootsy Posts: 7

    @JMixSon said:
    Hi Rootsy,
    I installed the Notepad driver and it solved my particular problem - so far as I know at this point.

    Thanks for your prompt reply, I will give the Notepad driver a try and I will create a restore point first as you suggest.
    My problem is the PC not seeing all the mixer's inputs - it sees all the outputs for getting sound into the PC fine.
    I want to output audio directly from Windows 10 to the stereo channel 11/12 so I can use the Interval Mute feature and I can do that in Windows 7 but not in Windows 10.

    If the Notepad driver works in every other way, allowing me to use all the channels in Cubase and adjust buffer size etc. it will be fine and I can always go back to the original driver if it doesn't work.

    Thanks again - First World problems eh!

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    JMixSonJMixSon Posts: 6

    Yes, I did not have that problem.
    My PC and apps could see the Ch. 21/22 ins.

    The Notepad trial will be interesting.
    Thanks. Please say how your test goes.

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    RootsyRootsy Posts: 7

    Hi JMixSon,

    I installed the Notepad driver and it worked for me too - I am chuffed to bits!

    The Soundcraft control panel is a little different but the main settings are there and the great thing is that I can now select outputs in Windows 10.
    Cubase found all the ins and outs automatically and I am back to music making without worrying about software (for now).

    I think the MTK really needs a new driver of it's own, but thankfully the Notepad one is a good workaround for now.

    Thanks for your advice and all the best with your musical adventures :)

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    dayzdayz Posts: 5
    edited October 2023

    That driver For Windows 10 and the MTK mixers is here for the LX10 (?) and which will simply give you the old less glitzy control panel from MTK inception and it works like it did say on Windows 7...

    1. Go to this page and look down 6 rows -

    2. Download and install -

    Documented here, scroll for my annoyed snark:

    Feel free to send me cash.


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    Thanks, Dayz.
    Well done and well said.
    Likely, I will try it.
    My problem with the Notepad driver lately is that its Control Panel will not hold level settings.
    Couldn't take more than a day or two to sort it out, right? :#

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