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Ui24R Aux stereo link issue

I'm experiencing an issue where on aux 9/10 if I stereo link them we aux only gets a few channels. But if I unlink them it works as expected. I've reset the channels then relinked them and the same thing happens. Can anyone suggest what is happening and how it can be fixed?


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    wolfgangwolfgang Posts: 7

    @Bedlore said:
    if I stereo link them we aux only gets a few channels.

    What do you mean by that?

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    BedloreBedlore Posts: 3

    Thanks @wolfgang, that was a muddled message.

    So I've investigated further, I've now done a full reset too which did not help. Oddly after the reset it still remembered my shows/cues which I find odd but other than that I have no reason to think the reset didn't work, all channels were reset, unnamed etc.

    I better understand the problem now, the second headphone output appears to be problem, whether its hardware or software I can't tell but I'm leaning toward a hardware failure. The symptoms are:

    • if aux 9/10 is sent to headphones2 in mono mode, it sounds fine. If I link aux9/10 (run stereo) then headphones2 is near silent unless I push high levels and then it distorts and crackles a little.
    • I discovered if I invert the phase on one side (aux 9) then it sounds/acts normal, so there is some sort of phase issue that is cancelling the headphones2 output.
    • Slightly different issue found if I run stereo aux 5/6 to headphones2, it acts more like a high-pass filter and all bass is missing below around 200Hz

    It's not under warranty and I'm guessing if I send the unit in for repair I'll have to wait a month and they'll just replace entire boards and cost me a bomb. So running mono through headphones2 seems to be a logical option :(

    Is there any official presence on these forums from Harman, seems eerily quiet.

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    wolfgangwolfgang Posts: 7
    edited May 2022

    You are sure your stereo input is in phase?
    Does it the same kind of cancelling if you route a mono input over Aux 9/10 to HP2?
    B.t.w. does HP1 has the same result?

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