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Ui24r firmware 3.4.8318

I bought the Ui24r about a month ago.
It came with firmware version 3.4.8318
How is that even possible since that version isn’t released yet on the website?
There’s no information on what’s new in this version. I can’t even find a manual that works with my mixer.
Does anyone else have this new firmware?


  • My thoughts exactly

    edited October 2022

    There isn't any official announcement.
    As a guessing of users, they probably had renewed something IC or circuit board then adjusted something in the firmware.

    It sounds there were similar case some years ago as well.
    We can find v 3.0.7865 but my unit can't install it because my unit started from v 3.1.8273 .
    There isn't v 3.1.8273 firmware on the official web site because next version was v 3.3.8293.

    There’s no information on what’s new in 3.1.8273 from the previous version ( 3.0 ) as well.

  • Out of interest, are you able to solo a matrix and hear the output in the headphones, on your ui24r running 3.4.8318? That's a bug that I've been waiting to be fixed for two years.
  • https://help.harmanpro.com/ui24r-firmware-3-4-8318

    This article has popped up, but the download links 404s for me... Does anyone have more info on this firmware release?
  • They fixed the download page and I've now installed 3.4.8318 on my console.

    The 'silence when trying to solo a matrix' issue is still there. Two and a half years of firmware development and these bugs have still not been fixed. I can't tell what's changed between 3.3 and 3.4 - maybe we'll get some release notes at some point.

    Looking inside the firmware packages and comparing the 3.3 and 3.4 update files, it's interesting to note that a lot of the files in the 3.4 release have last modified timestamps of July 2020. It looks like some AV libraries have been updated - possibly related to media playback. It also looks like some changes have been made for the local HDMI out - updates to Chrome launch scripts etc.

    I'm interested if anyone can note any major differences.

    It's super disappointing that the matrix outs still can't be soloed, that seems like it should have been a simple fix.
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