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ViSi Listen/Remote not working with SI Impact

The main reason why we bought a SI Impact was its number of auxes and the possibility that each musician could mix their own InEar sound. But it seams that current version of ViSi Listen does not work with SI Impact (same for ViSi Remote). It works for a short time after power up but after a while there is not connectitivy anymore. Reboot of mixer is required.
And there is no update since more than a year. The UI serie shows perfect remote control.
Why does Sundcraft neglect the development of this software? Are there any plans for the future?


  • mananalumananalu Posts: 3

    Same problem and you will get no response because there are not concerned about there customers at this level

  • PearlproPearlpro Posts: 12

    If thats the solution Ill be selling My Impact soon...

  • Is this serious?....there’s no fix?

  • Bumping this post...Looks like with iOS14, the Listen app is not working. Anyone else finding this?

    I have a iPad running iOS9.x and Listen works just fine, as well as the Remote app.

  • I am experiencing this same issue using two Samsung Galaxy Tab A7s. Upon startup, everything connects - but after approximately 30 minutes, the connection drops off. I've reached out their Technical Support in hopes of resolving this issue.

  • I may have found something that worked to resolve my issue - setting the date/time (worldclock) correctly.

    Once I correctly set the date/time (mine is also set to INTernal) the ViSi Listen App remained connected beyond the 30 min threshold and was regained after a power-cycle.

  • This really is frustrating. I really need an app like this for our musicians on stage, but the app is really hard to navigate on smaller phones, IF i can get it to work that is. On half of the iphones i install this app on it only uses half the screen, its all scaled improperly

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