DBX PA2 Loading Screen stuck

I have a dbx pa2 drive rack and when it is powered up, it does not go past the loading screen, I have tried a soft reset and a hard reset but when I hold down the utility/store buttons to perform the respectable functions the screen still does not change from the loading screen. I have also tried to update the firmware, the unit goes through the process and says that it was successful in installing the update but when it is finished it remains on the same loading screen. Also when I run the updater again it keeps saying that I am running an older version of the firmware although I have just successfully updated the software. I have tried to run audio through the drive rack and I get no signal from any of the outputs. i have tried holding down the recall button and that changes some text on the loading screen to "SDC USB enabled" but the screen still does not change. Is my drive rack just a paper weight now?

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