NOTEPAD 12FX - New Drivers Issues

jagjag Posts: 1
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I'm running a NOTEPAD 12FX on windows 10. Things were working ok till I just upgraded my drivers. After that point I stopped being able to monitor while recording. I can record just fine and playback works, it just won't do it at the same time. I didn't change any board settings.

Also now only 1 program can use the soundcard at a time. I used to be able to have YouTube open on Chrome, Premiere Pro open with a project and record/monitor on my recording program just fine. Now, if I open YouTube, then try to open Premiere Prom, the program won't even start up. If I open up Premiere Pro then watch a YouTube video, the video will buffer but not play. Now, even if I close Premiere Pro, YouTube still hangs up timm I restart.

This is very frustrating as I make videos for a living and I will have to abandon Soundcraft all together unless I can get this resolved ASAP..... Which is a shame as I have my eyes set on the Ui24R for live performances.


  • I really wish Soundcraft could fix their drivers, they really are a pain, and missing SDD is only one of them. My 12FX will not play my Cubase through master out, only the headphones. I don't know how many times I have tried to install and reinstall the drivers, but I have spent ours and given up on the latest upgrade, because then nothing works.

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