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NOTEPAD 12FX - New Drivers Issues

jagjag Posts: 1
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I'm running a NOTEPAD 12FX on windows 10. Things were working ok till I just upgraded my drivers. After that point I stopped being able to monitor while recording. I can record just fine and playback works, it just won't do it at the same time. I didn't change any board settings.

Also now only 1 program can use the soundcard at a time. I used to be able to have YouTube open on Chrome, Premiere Pro open with a project and record/monitor on my recording program just fine. Now, if I open YouTube, then try to open Premiere Prom, the program won't even start up. If I open up Premiere Pro then watch a YouTube video, the video will buffer but not play. Now, even if I close Premiere Pro, YouTube still hangs up timm I restart.

This is very frustrating as I make videos for a living and I will have to abandon Soundcraft all together unless I can get this resolved ASAP..... Which is a shame as I have my eyes set on the Ui24R for live performances.


  • I really wish Soundcraft could fix their drivers, they really are a pain, and missing SDD is only one of them. My 12FX will not play my Cubase through master out, only the headphones. I don't know how many times I have tried to install and reinstall the drivers, but I have spent ours and given up on the latest upgrade, because then nothing works.

  • Here it is 3-2020 and the drivers for the Notepad-12FX continue to aggravate buyers. Almost 2 years. No solutions anywhere. Tried everything I've read about the error message. The time to return the product and get my money back has expired. Very disappointed. Nobody from Harman will address the issue. How about, "We are sorry, send us the board and we will refund your money directly!"

  • "We are sorry for the inconvenience! Until recently, Windows allowed you to ignore the warning and run anyway, but latest Windows 10 update took this away, drivers must be signed to be used. We have created a new driver, but it is awaiting release. I have heard it should be very soon, but is awaiting the actual signature from Microsoft."

    In the meantime, we do have to re-start the PC in safe-mode with the driver signature check disabled to allow the driver to function until the new driver is released.

    The release of the new driver will be announced on the Soundcraft newsletter.
    Select "Soundcraft Software/Firmware Updates" when prompted when you subscribe.

  • neikneik Posts: 2

    I can't even browse to the website at the moment. It's sad that the 12FX requires a program to changing some settings.

  • How about finally releasing the driver that works? It's so sad that such a huge name doesn't care about their customers.

  • Is it possible to have an proper answer from Harman / soundcraft?

  • dondejongdondejong Posts: 3

    I recently bought a Notepad 8FX and am having the same trouble. On the one hand, it's nice to know that I'm not alone. On the other hand...what century did you say it is? I just put in a request for customer support but, based on what I'm reading on the forum, I'm not real optimistic about getting any help. I also use mine at church with a Macbook Pro, now that's a different universe. Plug and play. No downloads, no sneaking drivers in while security is disabled. What a concept.

  • I don't know, they don't answer back.. I'm still waiting for an answer...

  • Today a Windows Update was released. It is now that they are going to release new drivers? Please Harman / Soundcraft reply!

  • Good news guys! Finally an update!! After so long the drivers were released! AND THEY WORK!! :D
    So happy right now LOL

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