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I have a couple of UI16's and love them. One however due to a user changing all the WIFI and admin passwords I require a Full Reset but can't get it do perform. I have tried a USB with an empty text file called fullreset.txt. USB was inserted, reset button held in, unit powered on and reset button held for 10 seconds. Unit allowed to boot up, unit then powered off for 15 seconds then turned back on. NO reset performed.

Any help would be great.



  • wrpwrp Posts: 5

    I have same problem with ui12

  • BorjaBorja Posts: 2

    The reset procedure is not well documented, so it gets complicated.

    The procedure is:

    • Prepare a USB thumb drive with an empty file called fullreset.txt
    • Turn it off
    • Wait for 15 seconds or so
    • Plug the thumb drive
    • Press the reset button and keep it pressed
    • While keeping it pressed power up the unit
    • Now keep the reset button pressed for 10 seconds
    • Release it
    • Pay attention to the Master output LEDs. They will be glowing while the unit starts up.

    That's the key step. I have just verified it on mine.

  • I have done what you said but still there is no fullreset. I got a problem after the updates and trying to get back to factory settings.

  • Hi brsoundman has this been sorted?
  • fullreset.txt does not clear/reset passwords. You need to do similar procedure but use masterpass.txt

  • after two days of doing all the above...no luck...besides using a hammer, what else is left to try?

  • You need to provide more info:

    • Why are you trying to do the full reset- what issues are you having?
    • Is USB Key/Stick being recognized at all?
    • Confirm that text file shows only fullreset.txt
    • What happens (or doesn't happen) when you perform the procedure

    @tlcpuravida said:
    after two days of doing all the above...no luck...besides using a hammer, what else is left to try?

  • no password is working to adjust levels for aux channels.
    tried changing master password as described, no luck
    tried reset with pushing button only, holding 10 seconds while firing up...nothing
    did the usb drive with fullreset.txt; then tried with masterpass.txt...nothing
    usb is working, exported shows to it
    held reset in past 15 seconds, etc...nothing

  • thank you!!!! finally, got it!!!

  • Ha! Great to hear... Thanks for reporting back in.


  • asm11369asm11369 Posts: 1

    I want to Factory reset my Ui24. I want it to be just like it was when I first took it out of the box. How do I do that?

  • HARMAN_TderHARMAN_Tder Posts: 184

    From the manual... (this does not clear passwords)

    Full Reset
    This method removes all updates you may have performed on the mixer and returns the unit to its
    default factory shipping firmware and state. All settings, snapshots, users, profiles and shows will be lost.
    Please ensure you have saved/backed up any shows before resetting your Ui.
    1) Create a test file named fullreset.txt (no contents necessary) and copy to a USB stick
    2) Insert the USB stick into one of the Ui’s USB ports.
    3) Use a slim, long object to hold the reset button down for approximately 10 seconds while you power on
    the unit.
    4) The Ui will recognise the fullreset.txt file on the USB stick and perform a full factory reset.
    5) You must power cycle the unit and reconnect the client device. Power off for at least 10-15 seconds before powering back on.
    Note: A flick of the power off/on will almost always fail to boot properly, and can get stuck (with continuous
    flashing blue Wi-Fi LED). Make sure to power off, wait 10-15 seconds, then power on. The blue Wi-Fi LED
    will pulse/flash for around 10-15 seconds then remain on.

  • abelardoabelardo Posts: 2
    edited July 20
    La cuestión está en el ordenador a la hora de crear el archivo full reset.
    Resetea todo lo que hay en souncraf excepto la actualización.
  • abelardoabelardo Posts: 2
    Hay que decir al ordenador extensiones vistas a la hora de generar en archivo. Y que "txt" Lo haga el propio ordenador.
  • what was it that finally solved it?

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